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“Ms. Moore is captivating to watch and has as much energy as a spring tornado.” (The Spectator, UK)

Cameryn Moore is an award-winning playwright/performer, sex activist and educator, sidewalk pornographer, and a long-time phone sex operator. Her work in theatre, literature, and activism/advocacy is both a challenge and invitation to adventurous audiences everywhere. She is the writer and performer of five solo shows: Phone Whore, slut (r)evolution, for | play, The Pretty One (and other things that need to be said), and nerdfucker. To date, she has toured these shows to over 50 cities around the world. She is the creator and frequent host of Smut Slam, a storytelling open mic featuring real-life, first-person sex stories, and BEDx, a bar education night for sex geeks. When not performing, Cameryn sets up her world-famous traveling Smut Stand, providing bespoke typewritten erotica on the spot to happy drunks and discerning passersby.


  1. Angella Dare June 3, 2015 at 6:34 am

    Hi Cameryn
    I was one the Usher’s at the show last night ( we briefly met) in Oxford. Just wanted to let you know that I made the correct assumption by working that shift last night to see you as you brilliant and did not disappoint.
    It was hilarious that we were pre-warned before your show by the boss that we ‘ might be offended and did not have to do the show’
    Little did he know that we were the first one’s in that night!
    The show previous to your’s was so indeciberable that a little old lady asked me what it was all about, and I told her that I was as confused as she was and was sorely tempted to ask her to knock about for the next show. your’s.
    Then I could have asked her what SHE thought of that !!!!
    Comedy gold would have ensued that’s for sure.
    Sitting at the back I always like to watch the audience and their reaction’s, Your show was perfect for that. When you got to the part where you regaled about the sex with a child conversation I would have been shocked to have seen anyone laugh, but would not have not been if people walked out. You handled that so brilliantly with your explanation that you keep these sick bastard’s off the street and as a Mother of 3 kid’s, I applaud what you do.
    I really hope that the tour go’s brilliantly and you get as many people turning up, I will look up all my friend’s and see if they are nearby, let the recommendations commence !!
    Would have been great to have had that pint of cider with you, the vey best of luck, Ange x

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