About Cameryn

“Ms. Moore is captivating to watch and has as much energy as a spring tornado.” (The Spectator, UK)

I am an award-winning playwright, performer, event producer, and host, originally from the US and now based in Berlin. My work has been seen in over 65 cities around the world. I am currently supervising the global expansion of Smut Slam, a storytelling show featuring real-life, first-person sex stories that I created in 2011 in Boston. Smut Slam open mics are now operating regularly in 17 cities around the world (I’m the host in 11 of those).

My work in theatre, storytelling, and activism/advocacy is both a challenge and invitation to adventurous audiences everywhere. I have created seven critically acclaimed solo shows: Phone Whore, slut (r)evolution, for | play, Desire, nerdfucker, Terrible Sex Tips, and Muse. I am the creator of YIKES! (a celebration of awkward performance), Freak Salon (a curated comedy night about kink), and Mindfuck (a trivia quiz show for sex geeks). My current work-in-progress is tentatively titled Filthy Lucre, in which I explore the intersection of kink, sex, and capitalism.

Outside of my more solo projects, I enjoy collaborating with people in areas other than sex. A few such projects include NOM (a community storytelling open mic about food, co-produced with Lisa Frischemeier) and Child’s Play (a curated storytelling show exploring childhood experiences in sexuality), with a cabaret/art installation about menstruation scheduled for May 2020 and a storytelling show featuring sex workers’ own voices in June 2020. I facilitate workshops about telling stories, hosting, and creating safer spaces around unsafe topics.

I have years of experience in storytelling, dramaturgy, flash fiction, and event hosting. My skill in facilitating discussion about sensitive subjects such as sex, body, and relationships comes in no small part from my nearly eight years as a phone sex operator. My ease on stage comes from 12 years of studying dance and then teaching dance and choreographing for adults in community settings.

Whether on stage or on the pavement, you might have seen me in any number of places:

– Club Motte (Berlin) – Witch Hunt (Berlin) – The Yarn (Berlin) – Gender Sender (Berlin) – Berlin Performing Arts Festival – Kooks (Munich) – Buntspecht Galerie & Kneipe (Leipzig) – Summa Summarum (Frankfurt) – Ladyfest Rostock – Reffen209 (Copenhagen) – Loukko (Helsinki) – Punching Up! (Helsinki) – Feminist Comedy Night (Tampere) – Heldeke! (Tallinn) – Wales Millennium Centre (Cardiff) – Chapter Arts Centre (Cardiff) – Dogstar (London) – OOPS! Festival (Copenhagen) – Big Burns Supper Festival (Carlisle) – Festival of Consent (Leeds) – Stockholm Fringe – Reykjavik Fringe – Wandsworth Fringe – Glasgow Fringe –  Limerick Fringe – Brighton Fringe – Bath Fringe – Buxton Fringe – Perth Fringe World – Wellington Fringe – Hare & Hyena (Melbourne) – Ludlow Fringe – Manchester Fringe – Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Montreal Fringe Festival – ZooFest (Montreal) – Ottawa Fringe Festival – Toronto Fringe Festival – Winnipeg Fringe Festival – Calgary Fringe Festival – Edmonton Fringe Festival – Victoria Fringe Festival – Vancouver Fringe Festival – San Francisco Fringe Festival – Indianapolis Fringe Festival – Allways Lounge (New Orleans) – Frenchmen Street “Literary Row” (New Orleans) – CPI/The Mark (Nashville) – Write Club (Atlanta) – Under St. Marks (NYC) – Come Inside Sex & Culture Theatre Festival (Portland) 

And those are just the places I can remember…


Artistic Risk Award (2016)  Vancouver International Fringe Festival (nerdfucker)

Critics’ Choice (2013)         Houston Fringe Festival (Phone Whore)

Pick of the Fringe (2011)    Victoria Fringe Festival (Phone Whore)

Best of Fest (2011)    Winnipeg Fringe Festival (slut (r)evolution)

Best Female Solo (2010)  San Francisco Fringe Festival (Phone Whore)


BA (1991)   Russian Language and Literature, University of Oregon, Eugene OR

MS (2006)  Arts Administration, Boston University, Boston MA

… Moore’s generous and non-judgmental attitude towards all aspects of sexuality created an environment where we could discuss radical sexuality and taboo topics in a safe space. As sex educators, we make it our mission to engage with all sexuality, as opposed to whatever we consider “acceptable.” For many of the people at UTSEC, Moore’s production served to enhance that message and reaffirm our goal of making our space one that is open-minded and welcoming to people from all walks of life. As the 2012-2013 UTSEC Executive Committee, we highly recommend Cameryn Moore as an entertainer and educator for all sex-positive events. Her perspective is truly unique and we believe that working with her will truly enrich your community.

– The 2012-2013 UTSEC Executive Committee, University of Toronto