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Calgary Herald: “exquisitely, unflinchingly acted” for nerdfucker (Aug 2016, Calgary Fringe)

"... beautifully and insightfully written, precisely directed and exquisitely, unflinchingly acted. ... Cameryn’s play is the kind of show you’d expect to see off-Broadway or in London’s pub theatres as is her performance and we’re getting to see it here in the little Artpoint Gallery space."

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gigcity.ca: ★★★★ for nerdfucker (Aug 2016, Edmonton Fringe)

"She appears nervous at first, stammering out apologies to the audience in between frantic phone calls to see when her fellow performers are going to arrive, but it’s clear that Moore’s in full control the whole time, playing on our sympathies for the person who’s laying her heart so bare to a room full of strangers. She’s also got perfect comedic timing and a knack for casually dropping hilarious one-liners."

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Showbill.ca: “a visceral and honest performance” for nerdfucker (Sept 2016, Victoria Fringe)

"Cameryn Moore bares all. She enters the stage with breasts flying and body exposed, and by the end she reveals a pound of absolute humanity in a visceral and honest performance.

nerdfucker starts of as comedy but naturally evolves into a dramatic character dissection that will leave you in comedic stitches and guttural feelings."

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Broadway Baby: ★★★★★ for Phone Whore (Edinburgh Fringe, August 2015)

"Phone Whore is a show that is equal parts witty, sexually frank and dripping with cynicism. A thought-provoking and sometimes harrowing journey into the often-silenced and ignored world of sex work and sexual fantasy, the show packs an incredible punch whilst still being able to deliver a nuanced and thoughtful take on sex and those who work in it."

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