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“Did you get the invitation?” and other Fringe-season faux pas

I’m finally getting to the point where I know other artists in my stop-over cities, and by “know” I mean they’ve been a Smut Slam judge or I appeared in one of their gigs and at the very least we’re friends on Facebook. It’s also coming up on Fringe touring season, has been for a month already, actually. This means that the steady trickle of event invitations on FB is starting to become a stream, and when Brighton Fringe hits in three weeks, we’ll all be drowning in the stressful convergence of two vast rivers of theatrical output and social expectations.

In the interest of managing expectations, avoiding hurt feelings, and generally being transparent about how I integrate the arts with my personal network, I would like to share my personal etiquette around EVENT INVITATIONS.

When I have an event…

I will invite you, if you’re in the area. This invitation carries no expectations with it at all. You can decline, mark “interested”, mark “attending” and then not attend, or show up and that’s okay.

If we are friends and I know that you’ve seen my work, I may drop you a private message and ask you to share with your people in the area. I try to ask selectively, making sure that we’re in the same wheelhouse, you know, you’re not a kids’ clown or choral singer.

If we are really good friends and we’ve talked about my show or event before, I may drop you a private message and ask you to come to opening night for moral support, or whatever, and I will offer you a comp. But I will not take it personally if you can’t.

If we are reasonably well acquainted and I know you have an event going on too sometime soon, I may suggest a comp swap. I firmly believe that artists are not each other’s target demographic, and I don’t expect other artists to buy tickets to my shows. We are all broke. I do not expect comps—so please feel free to turn me down!—but I appreciate them.

If I ask to swap comps with you, and you agree, I will make every effort to attend. If you ask to swap comps with me, there is a possibility I may not be able to attend your show. Whoever initiates the comp swap convo needs to be really committed to coming.

When you have an event …

I do read the event listing. I am very assiduous in my attention to invites that come in through Facebook. I will mark “interested” if I’m interested, and will only mark “attending” if I am really planning to attend OR if it’s part of a festival-wide campaign to attend each other’s events and boost the FB algorithm.

If you direct message me with an invite that does not mention a comp, I will politely decline. I may have had other valid reasons, but the sales pitch is one of them. (See the bit about not being each other’s target demographic.)

If you really want me to attend for some particular reason, DM with that comp offer and explain that you really want me there.

I only recommend shows that I have seen, if not the actual show, then something by the performer. Keep that in mind when you’re asking me to promote your show. I’ll need to see it or you in action first.

Out on the Fringe…

I will never knowingly flyer another artist, with the purpose of getting them to buy a ticket to my show. (I may hand them a flyer as a sort of business card, though, if they ask for one.) If I find out mid-pitch that you are a fellow fringe artist, I will hurriedly take my flyer back and apologize, saying something like “let’s save our paper for the punters.” You are welcome to keep an accidentally bestowed flyer if you like it, or you really want a reminder, but please don’t then favour-shark me into taking one of yours. I don’t want it. Tell me the name of your show, and if I want to know more, I will ask. I expect the same in return.

In person…

If I ask, “have you seen my show?” it is NEVER meant as pressure to see it. Usually that is me trying to either avoid spoilers OR figuring out what background information you need, if we are talking about our shows or audience responses or whatever.

In general…

My hierarchy of interest, separate from any personally connection I may have to anyone involved in the show is as follows:

Solo theatre > storytelling > variety shows with a strong MC > everything else

Fringe festivals are and have always been my chance to study up on my craft informally. I want to see shows that are close to my wheelhouse first. These are my classrooms.


I have given myself permission to not see any shows at festivals, if that’s what I need to stay balanced. My fellow EdFringers know what it is to run a show back to back to fucking back, for a few weeks at a time; even smaller festivals and shorter runs can take their toll. We all have promo to do, and I personally can’t really see a show for two hours before I’m on or for one hour afterward.

Take into account recovering from travels, getting some groceries in, and trying to get some sleep, and you can see that sometimes… we run out of time. That has to be okay: show first, self-care second, then everything else.


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October 15: guest spot at Esoterotica (New Orleans)

There should be a lot more spills on this logo...

There should be a lot more spills on this logo...

I find my kindred spirits in smut and sexy writing everywhere, and am particularly fortunate in New Orleans, where there's Esoterotica, a whole community of pervy pen-pushers who pull together an excellent twice-monthly reading/ performance series. I've been invited to be a featured performer on Wednesday, October 15, at the Allways Lounge on St. Claude. I think featured means I go last, but not least. I'm going to attempt to perform some Sidewalk Smut MEMORIZED—whoaaaaa—but my books will be on hand if I forget my lines. Admission is free, but the bucket will be out and you should put money in it if you can. Creating and performing smut is a pubic service. Er, public. Public service.

Reddit appearance: IAmA sidewalk pornographer! (27 Sept 2014, 2pm Central)

reddit-logo1All right, my Redditor friends, on Saturday, September 27, I'm doing an IAmA session at 2pm Central (3pm Eastern). The subject will be "IAMA sidewalk pornographer who was recently photographed writing erotica on the sidewalk. I was top of r/wtf and featured on @midnight. My name is Cameryn Moore. AMA!"
They are not adding this to their official calendar, so please, for the love of everything you hold dear, including, hopefully, me, PLEASE come join me over there, get some good vibes and conversation happening! AND spread the word among your Redditing friends, cross-post to subreddits that you think would be interested, all that good stuff! I am very much a newbie when it comes to Reddit; I am counting on you to help me spread the news.

Headin’ to Huntsville, AL (Nov. 8-9)

monkeylogoHaven't been back in two years, but dammit, it's right there, not far away from Atlanta, and I have got a number of wonderful friends there, so… why not! Dates were on a month ago, but now the shows are confirmed, too: Phone Whore on November 8, slut (r)evolution on November 9 (stay tuned for ticket links). This is the location that people always laugh about, when I give them the list of my tour stops. "Alabama? REALLY?!" Yes, really! Frankly, I have gotten more flak in much larger and non-Southern stops. It's really about the community and who is willing to go to bat for me in terms of marketing and publicity, and Flying Monkey Arts hits all of those points. Yay for the freaks and future-makers making art EVERYWHERE!

slut (r)evolution dates announced for 2014 Houston Fringe

FRINGE UPDATE White backgroundI'm bringing my second show, slut (r)evolution, to the Houston Fringe this September, and finally got the dates! TWO SHOWS ONLY, September 25 at 9:30pm and September 27 at 8pm, both in the spacious Freneticore Theatre on Navigation Blvd. "Spacious" in theatre-speak equals "lots of seats", so start telling your Houston-area friends about the show and get them out there! Tickets are only $10, and you can get them in advance at http://houstonfringefestival.org