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THE FUCKBUCKET: Do Impatient Tops Scare Off Potential Anal Bottoms?

I'm a woman who LOVES receiving anal. This makes me popular with men who seem to have difficulty finding women who will let them "take the dirt road." My theory is that a lot of women are hurt in their first anal experience by an over-eager partner, and thus think that anal *always* hurts like that. What do you think, Cameryn?

THE FUCKBUCKET: Night out Gangbang

When I was still new to nightclubbing, I met a group of lads (6 lads altogether) who were new to the area and looking for places to go. I directed them to a good club in the area and decided to join them. Once we got there, I decided it was a good idea to see how many of them I could make out with - but before long they all seem to realise this was what I was doing.

With this information out in the open, we went back to where they were staying and I ended up having sex with all but one of them. My first gangbang and I utterly loved it.

Question AND Confession

In February, I had my first threesome.

In March, I slept with a woman for the first time.

In April, my partner and I bought a strap-on.

Ideas for May...?


So, what's the proper etiquette for seducing another couple for the first time? (We have been on a very fun date already!)


The best sex I had with an ex (who's the best sex partner I've had) was right after we decided to break up. Something about knowing it was the last time, at least in a long time, made both of us super raw. I'm still looking for that rawness somewhere else.

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