Cameryn Moore: Always on Tour

This is two shows, the Smut Stand, and four months of touring on there. Respect the roadie cart!

This is two shows, the Smut Stand, and four months of touring on there. Respect the roadie cart!

Here are the shows that I am doing through the end of March 2020, at least what I know so far (click on the date to get to the tickets!):

  • Jan 20           Smut Slam in Berlin
    • Jan 22            Smut Slam in Leipzig
    • Jan 27             Smut Slam in Frankfurt
      • Jan 28              Muse in Berlin
      • Jan 30              Smut Slam  in Copenhagen
      • Feb 2               Smut Slam in Munich
      • Feb 5               Freak Salon in Berlin
      • Feb 6               NOM in Berlin (with Lisa Frischemeier)
      • Feb 11             Smut Slam in Cardiff
      • Feb 12             Smut Slam in London
      • Feb 17             Smut Slam in Berlin
      • Feb 19             Smut Slam in Leipzig
      • Feb 23             Smut Slam in Helsinki
      • Feb 25             Smut Slam in Tampere
      • Feb 27             Smut Slam in Copenhagen
      • March 1           Smut Slam in Munich
      • March 4           Freak Salon in Berlin
      • March 10          Smut Slam in Edinburgh
      • March 12          Smut Slam in Glasgow
      • March 18          Smut Slam in Berlin
      • March 19          Muse in Berlin
      • March 20          Smut Slam in Leipzig
      • March 26          Smut Slam in Copenhagen
      • March 28          Smut Slam in Tallinn
      • March 29           Muse in Tallinn

In spring and summer of 2020, look for Smut Slams in Oxford and Barcelona, and I’m touring Muse and nerdfucker to as many places as will take them. Seriously, keep your eyes peeled, because I’m booking as fast as I can!


Festivals. Colleges. Punk-rock palaces. ALL OVER EUROPE, AW YEAHHHH!


Phone Whore (a one-act play with frequent interruptions)

This slice-of-life one-woman show draws directly from real phone sex encounters for an intimate look at sex, taboo, fantasy, and the place of “deviant” desires in society today.

Muse: an experiment in storytelling and life drawing

In a world where we learn to hate the bodies of others and fear our own, MUSE offers a chance to find them instead. MUSE begins as a 1.5-hour life drawing session, with me as the model. Further subverting the norm of such sessions, I also speak, about my experiences of being in a body that is constantly under scrutiny, both in the studio and out in the world. MUSE audiences may choose to watch, draw, listen, and ask questions, participating how and when they wish.

nerdfucker: a solo play with bad boundaries

An ode to geek love. A testament to passion. …Everything is ready, right down to the polished pawns, but when one wrong move changes the game, a single-minded misfit faces a choice that could change her life. Witness this gripping one-woman psycho-drama that dives deep into obsession and will leave you breathless.

These shows, plus my Smut Slams and Sidewalk Smut stand, are touring extensively around Europe and the UK in 2020.

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