Muse: an experiment in storytelling and life drawing

In a world where we learn to hate the bodies of others and fear our own, MUSE offers a chance to find them instead.

MUSE begins as a 1.5-hour life drawing session, with me as the model (one of only a few plus-size life-drawing models in Germany.) While posing, I share my experiences of being in a body that is constantly under scrutiny, both in the studio and out in the world. Audiences may choose to watch, draw, listen, and ask questions, participating how and when they wish.



MUSE occupies that junction of relaxing, creative, immersive, and FRINGE AS FUCK. It’s a chance to have an interesting conversation with a plus-size life model—me!—and participate in a real life-drawing session with an awesome soundtrack.

Audience members can draw, ask questions, sit and meditate on the body and the meanings we set on top of it, and all of the above. More than theatre, way beyond workshops, MUSE is a whole new approach to art.

Production Package

“personal, densely woven and touching me deeply … I am grateful for this very courageous and real performance.”

– Musenland Akademie, Biographisches & Kunst