The storytelling AND food scenes converge in the newest and tastiest open mic in town: NOM. With a celebrity judges’ panel and silly and/or stunning prizes, NOM creates a unique space for audience members to share their own stories and get insight into other food experiences. It’s like Smut Slam, basically, but about food, omnomnomnom.

HOW DOES NOM WORK? Audience members can sign up at the door to tell a 5-minute true-life food story or reminiscence or recipe history–from any culture or season–with a lucky eight to ten names being drawn at random. We work with local co-producers to find judges from writing, performing, and/or cooking/foodie backgrounds.

NOM is hosted by me, and co-produced by German comedian and cookbook editor Lisa Frischemeier. We believe that simple stories about food, shared with others, can be a vital source of joy, empathy, strength, and healing.