Sexploreum: the blog

this is a phone-sex blog

This is not a phone-sex blog. You won’t find a number anywhere on this page that you can call up and buy a 10-minute block of time with Cameryn. (Nor will I sell my panties to you. I need them.)

This is a phone-sex blog. I am a professional phone sex operator (under a different name). Phone sex is what pays my bills, and not only that, it is something that I am fascinated by and enjoy.

There is a lot of down-time with the job, though, waiting for calls to come in (I work for a dispatch company). So I’m developing a line of creative and educational “by-products” of phone-sex work, and also am looking forward to getting out some of my thoughts right here about the issues that frequently come up through and around my work.

What else is in the works? I’ve been booked for a dirty-talk workshop in mid-November in the Boston area, and am working feverishly on the script and fundraising plans for a one-woman play, Phone Whore, with a target of getting it onto the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit in the summer of 2010 (I’m planning a benefit showcase for the latter half of August). This blog is also going to be expanding dramatically over the next couple of months, as I add an event calendar and audio components (both free and pay-to-download).

Long story short? Sexy + intelligent + straight-up + self-pimping = Cameryn Moore, Little Black Book Productions, and this blog. If you enjoy it even half as much as I do, your panties are going to be a little damp all day long.

First question to readers: what is something you’ve always wanted to know about phone sex work? (If you’re a fellow phone-sex operator, what is something you’ve always wanted to tell people about our work?)