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Winter holidays. Valentine’s Day. Honeymoons. Birthdays. Hell, just because…


A typewriter, ten minutes, and a dirty, dirty mind… that’s all Cameryn Moore needs to create quality erotica for discerning consumers and drunk people around the world, with her one-of-a-kind Sidewalk Smut stand (“Abrupt Erotica, Smut While U Wait”). Bang It Out volumes contain photo reproductions of Cameryn’s favorite pieces each year—typos and all—along with anecdotes and color commentary, to meet the people and understand the process of creating pornography for strangers on the fly.

Bang It Out, volume 1: Cameryn’s favorites from 2011! Contains 25 pieces, plus one night on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans!

Bang It Out, volume 2: Contains 30 pieces, plus bonus microsmut pages, more stories (“Thanks for the typing lessons, Mom”), and a table of contents, WHOOOOOAAAA.

Do you want one or both books autographed? Want your own custom, short-form, typewritten erotica? Send me an email at littleblackbookproductions (at) and let’s talk!

The Cameryn Moore 2014 tour

Since 2010 I’ve been all over North America with my solo sex plays, getting awards and walkouts and sparking conversations wherever I go. In 2014, the conversation continues…

Festivals. Colleges. Punk-rock palaces.


Donate to the cause of spreading thoughtful, provocative, deeply personal theater. Your tax-deductible donation through my fiscal sponsor, the International Sex Worker Foundation for Arts, Culture, and Education (ISWFACE), will make my international touring possible.

Click on the button below to send a donation for my tour to my fiscal sponsor, ISWFACE.

You can also make checks payable to:

8801 Cedros Ave., Unit #7
Panorama city, CA 91402.

Please include “LBB Productions” in the memo line.


Phone Whore (a one-act play with frequent interruptions)

This slice-of-life one-woman show draws directly from real phone sex encounters for an intimate look at sex, taboo, fantasy, and the place of “deviant” desires in society today.

slut (r)evolution (no one gets there overnight)

Deftly merging memory and manifesto, slut (r)evolution explores incendiary events from my very sexual life. How did it feel? What the hell was I thinking? And how will it affect tonight’s hook-up?

for | play (a choose-your-own adventure show for adults)

You have the power to choose how your sex life goes. Come play with me and see how it’s done, in this sexy, surprising, choose-your-own-adventure storytelling experience.

These shows, plus my Smut Slams and Sidewalk Smut stand, will be touring extensively around North America and Europe this coming year. Projected stops include:

Boston * Montreal * Toronto * Peterborough * Austin * New Orleans * Tulsa, OK * St. Louis, MO * Dallas * Houston * Atlanta * EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND * Glasgow * LONDON, UK * Brighton * Manchester

and probably more!

Holy crap, that’s a lot of locations. Look to the Events sidebar, right over there to your right, to see where Cameryn Moore is landing next!

Want the Cameryn Moore Tour to come to your town?

That is so easy, my friend. Just send me an email at littleblackbookproductions (at) gmail (dot) com and let’s talk about options!