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Bring a Cameryn Moore production to your theatre, festival, or university! My shows are both thought-provoking and accessible, guaranteed to spark important conversations about sex, the imagination, and our society. Send all inquiries to littleblackbookproductions (at) gmail (dot) com.

What producers say:

Phone Whore is that rare bird - a show that challenges audiences a long way beyond their limits, while keeping them feeling safe and engaged. The show is structured around four calls; audiences develop what feels like a personal relationship with the performer through the first three, which gives Cameryn the trust she needs to go to an extremely dark place in the fourth. This is then backed up by an open and frank after-show Q&A, which nurses audiences through the dark end of the show to the extent that I will be sending my Mum to see it.

Tomás Ford, producer, Noodle Palace & Midlandia hub venues at Fringe World, Perth


Cameryn Moore is a singular performer and creative. Her dedication, energy, and all round engagement with the world allows her to produce work to an extraordinarily high level and gifts the audience with an artist that is accessible in performance and in person. Her warmth and humour, her constant openness, are breathtaking to see on stage and a pleasure to work with through-out the production process. Her work encompasses our condition, with all the light and darkness that is held within it. As a creative, Cameryn understands her production, works hard to generate audiences, and brings in those audiences that are right for her show. The honesty with which she promotes and connects to the public is astounding, ensuring a tremendous theatre experience for all involved, whether that is as a spectator or as her grateful venue.

John-David Henshaw, producer, Sweet Venues, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, UK


... Moore’s generous and non-judgmental attitude towards all aspects of sexuality created an environment where we could discuss radical sexuality and taboo topics in a safe space. As sex educators, we make it our mission to engage with all sexuality, as opposed to whatever we consider “acceptable.” For many of the people at UTSEC, Moore’s production served to enhance that message and reaffirm our goal of making our space one that is open-minded and welcoming to people from all walks of life. As the 2012-2013 UTSEC Executive Committee, we highly recommend Cameryn Moore as an entertainer and educator for all sex-positive events. Her perspective is truly unique and we believe that working with her will truly enrich your community.

The 2012-2013 UTSEC Executive Committee, University of Toronto



My shows are all solo shows, which means that they are easy to bring in, and they are strongly text-based, which means they are easy to tech. I prefer to work in intimate spaces (30-60 seats) equipped with basic theatre tech (full stage wash with a few specials, sound ready for either CD or digital files), but I have performed everywhere from private living rooms to bookstores to 135-seat traditional theatres.

Phone Whore
(a one-act play with frequent interruptions)

phonewhore-WTruth and taboo collide in this intimate, one-hour visit with a phone sex operator. Listen closely: she may change your views on sex forever.

“... incredibly brutal, piercing, and thought-provoking....” (ThreeWeeks, Edinburgh)

“... by far the most intimate and insightful theatre experience you’re likely to have.” (roverarts.com)

“Ms. Moore is captivating to watch and has as much energy as a spring tornado.” (The Spectator, UK)

A slice-of-life comedy/drama, Phone Whore won the Critics’ Choice award at the 2013 Houston Fringe Festival, the award for Best Female Solo show at the 2010 San Francisco Fringe Festival, Pick of the Fringe - Drama at the 2011 Victoria Fringe Festival, and was an official selection of the 2012 Zoofest Festival in Montréal. The play invites audiences in for an unflinching look at taboo, fantasy, and the place of "deviant" desires in society today.

CamerynFinal-Wslut (r)evolution
no one gets there overnight

A merging of memory and manifesto to explore incendiary events from Cameryn’s very sexual life. How did it feel? What the hell was she thinking? And how will it affect tonight’s hook-up?

“...a study in vulnerability that manages to achieve catharsis and healing through a talented performance. ...  a touching performance and one heck of a show.” (The Marble, Canada)

A slice-of-life comedy/drama, slut (r)evolution won a Best of Fest award at the 2011 Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and was an official selection of the 2013 Zoofest Festival in Montréal. slut (r)evolution is the second in Cameryn’s trilogy of autobiographical sex-themed shows, going beyond Phone Whore to explore the real-life impact of following one’s sexual bliss.

red_shirt-Wfor | play
a choose-your-own-adventure storytelling show ... for adults

A dynamic mix of storytelling, erotica, and spoken word, for | play is a theatrical experience fueled in part by audience choices. **Nominated for Best English-Language Script, Montreal Fringe 2012

Sometimes you look at someone and they look at you, and there’s a spark. What happens next? The audience decides, in this lyrical, motivational, and intensely intimate exploration of the instantaneous decisions that go into any sexual encounter.  Breaking through the fourth wall, this unique one-hour performance invests viewers in the very progression of the action, liberating their own personal feelings of sexual creativity.

The Pretty One
a six-character solo play about sex

After three years of sparking conversations across North America while touring her raw, autobiographical works, Cameryn turned her scrutiny on others to create a multi-character gallery of mini-plays that is both delicate and daring in its exploration of sexuality and the human spirit. Inspired by the lives that intersect with hers, Cameryn lays bare the liberation and heartbreak that co-exist in the souls of us all. She partnered with award-winning director Tanner Harvey in this bold break from her previous works, with generous support from MainLine Theatre and MainLine’s director Amy Blackmore.



where erotica and storytelling collide

You know what a poetry slam is, and maybe you know about story slams, too. Now you can experience a SMUT SLAM, a community storytelling open mic based on real life, real lust, real sex.

SMUT SLAMMERS sign up on the night to tell a 5-minute piece of smut/sex/erotica, based on their real lives and ideally relating to the designated theme, and a lucky eight to ten names will be drawn at random. There will be a team of 3 to 5 judges - interested amateurs, storytellers, theater people, writers, and anyone who loves sex stories. Cameryn works with local co-hosts and judges to give each slam a true local flavor.

NOT A SMUT SLAMMER? Don't worry. The audience is always in for a good time at SMUT SLAM! Sit back and enjoy. All we ask is:
- No interrupting.    - No heckling.  - No necking in the front row.


  1. Sarah-Clare Conlon March 13, 2017 at 7:46 am

    Hi Cameryn. I’m considering featuring the Manchester Smut Slams on Creative Tourist – please could you email me via literature@creativetourist.com with upcoming dates, times, venues etc and send me your latest press release. I’ll be writing updates to my Top Five picks on Friday (17 March). Many thanks, Sarah-Clare

  2. Nicole Lachance July 17, 2017 at 11:16 am

    hi there!

    my name is nicole lachance and i am contacting you as someone who is working at the university of sussex in brighton, and who is helping plan consent week in the second week of october 2017. we’d love to book you for your hilarious and interactive show.

    is this possible? are you available at this time?

    looking forward to hearing back from you

    nic x

  3. Steve Tett May 10, 2019 at 3:56 am

    Dear Cameryn

    First of all, we hope it’s okay to contact you here.

    We’re writing to you in your capacity as the founder of Smut Slam. We’re a newly started sex-positive English language podcast in Copenhagen called, ”Deeper, please!” about love, sex and relationships. We’re looking to interview people who are doing interesting and creative work in the field of sex-positivity, and having attended a recent Smut Slam event in our city, we feel that the important work you’re doing chimes with our own mission, and is something we’d like to talk to you about. It’s an interview/chat-based podcast where, after we’ve talked a little about the work you do, we use some formatted questions as prompts for deeper and more personal discussions around sex and relationships, and obviously your storytelling talents would be fantastic in this format. Rather than it being a formal interview situation, where our guests answer all the questions, we see it as a chat where the interviewer(s) and interviewee are on an equal footing. If you were interested, we would send you the questions so that you can prepare a little. We’re hoping that you’d be our first guest. You can read a little about who we are at the end of this message.

    We hope that this might be something you’d be interested in doing, and we’d try to arrange the recording so that it coincided with the Copenhagen Smut Slam on 23/5. If you need any further info, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Deeper, Please! Email address deeperplease.podcast@gmail.com

    Stevie T
    (on behalf of the Deeper Crew)
    Who the Deeper Crew are:
    Stevie T (aka Steve Tett) – Educator in English literature and drama, sex and relationships geek, podcast obsessive, former singer, sometime stage performer. and new member of the organising team of Kinky Salon Copenhagen
    Dorte Holbek – Couple’s therapist at http://www.lustlab.dk, artist, tantra and BDSM teacher, long-time member of the organising team of Kinky Salon Copenhagen
    Roar Skau Olsen – Sound designer, musician, co-author of book in Danish on open relationships, long-time member of the organising team of Kinky Salon Copenhagen
    ”Deeper, Please!” The podcast in which we explore our ideas about love, the limits of relationships and the weird and wonderful world of sex.

  4. Robert Siegelman June 26, 2019 at 8:15 am

    HI Cameryn,

    Great to meet a fellow Lamartinian last night.

    I saw this on your schedule here:
    mid-July Terrible Sex Tips (preview) in Berlin

    I’m wondering if you have specific information for this, or if you have anything else happening in Berlin prior to July 25.

    Thanks so much,

  5. Viviana Duncan August 2, 2019 at 9:36 am

    my name is Viviana Duncan, Host and DJ of Stark Reality Open mic, an uncensored open mic running for the past 12 years.. I am at the Black Box Theatre at 244 Studios..its the 4th or 5th Friday each month. I am also a very cutting edge writer/performer… would love to book you…how much do you charge? The theatre holds 50 seats…we have a full state with piano and boom mic and amplifier and I have a boom box for CDs and I have an adaptor for the I phone which plugs into my amplifier.

    Also, I would like to get on the open mic for Smut Slam..this August 7th?

  6. camerynmoore August 4, 2019 at 11:38 am

    Hi, Robert, sorry for the delay! I hope your travels back were uneventful. If you do happen to visit Berlin again, drop me a line on FB or send me email at littleblackbookproductions@gmail.com. Summer times are usually quite slow for events. Happy trails!


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