Phlogging (the soundtrack of my life)

First zap from my new phlog (phone log, cute, huh?). Here’s where I’m gonna be taking short audio samples from my life–conversations, cooking tips, notes from the road, snippets of my side of phone calls–and giving them to you in a slowly building symphony of sound.

Originally I was planning on starting this in the summer of 2010, when I hit the road for the Phone Whore tour. No time for blogging, or probably even conscious thought, but at least I could make some on-the-road recorded reports and get those up here quickly, right? And then I thought, why wait until then? A lot of my real-time work and life doesn’t get covered in this blog, because to transcribe it would just take too much time and you might not believe it anyway. This stuff is too impressionistic for the radio show, too. So I give to you…

my phlog. Click on the link and take a listen.

(Edit: I’m removing phlog entries that have to do with my side of calls, until I have a chance to talk with my company and find out policy.)

  • scarlet

    Cameryn, I’m all for free speech… but you clearly stated on your i-radio show that you have no intention of clearing this with your company…

    I understand why you posted this brief call. You wanted to somehow illustrate the use of index cards.

    But… you also posted this caller’s code and name. Considering the company for which you work, and the clientele who trust said company with their personal information… even if no partied directly involved with the company ever hear this… you are still actively breaching confidentiality.

    Like I said, I assume you didn’t ask your company if you could post these calls… and no matter how brief or vague the audio snippet, those calls still aren’t really your property. I think you need to remember the right to privacy of your clients, as well as the integrity of your company, should be the focus of your performance… not glorifying your skills as a PSO.

    If you had your own company, cool, but… this just really doesn’t sit well with me. I hope you ask your company – and let them hear the audios you intend to post, so they can make a decision that benefits their company – and not just to appease you, so you have fillers for your website.

    I adore you, but this pisses me off.

    December 18, 2009 at 2:04 pm
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