Misogyny? You’re soaking in it!

“Can I talk to that cunt again?”


“That’s what he said.” She laughed. “Another 20 minutes.”

Does he not like me? I mean, he must like me because this is his second request for me in a row, but…

“Oh, don’t worry about it, hon.” More laughter. “You should hear what he calls me.”

Oh. Okay.

And it is okay, because really? When my daily work consists of talking through scenes that would get most people shunned by polite society, if not actually arrested and/or stoned, I don’t get tripped up by the words the callers throw at me. If they keep calling back, I must be doing something right. And yet.

And yet.

This particular caller dresses in panties and a garter belt and stockings to talk with me, at least, he says he does. He wears bright red lipstick, and gets a great deal of comfort out of wearing breast forms in VERY busty sizes. (The week after I told him about my 42DDDs, he said he had gone out and gotten a 42GG breast form. I think he’s trying to one-up me.)

He is dressing as best as he can to be a woman. He’s got a cock and all, but he wants to feel like a woman. But his casual misogyny when he’s feeling horny and demanding is just more hot air added to his inflated, twisted notion of what a woman should be. He dresses “like a slut”, so he can get used like one in our fantasy. He begs for details about my supposed sexual exploits, so he can call me a slut. It’s an imaginary slut sorority that he and I are in together, but outside our scenes together, that sisterhood evaporates and we’re back to the basics.

“Can I talk to that cunt again?”

It turns him on, to talk that way. It reinforces the paradigm quite firmly: virgin/whore. Dressing himself like a tramp, my caller gets to play with being degraded, with being a slut, with the trappings and behavior stereotypes that go along with being a horny woman. He eats it up, he loves it when I call him a greedy little slut. And yet.

“Can I talk to that cunt again?”

Yes, you can. But as a person who has actually been called a cunt numerous occasions, to another person who will never in real life be called a cunt, I wanted to let you know: Those last 20 minutes went by really slow.

  • Luther Princess

    Hy, girl! Just surfed on to your blog. I really like this post. Yeah the misogyny is rampant in this biz (obviously) but I never stoppd to think about it from one of our sissy callers POV. It’s so easy to believe they all like women but yeah, they get to go from panties to boxers and be men whenever they wan to. We don’t get that option.

    October 20, 2009 at 6:00 pm
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