CONFESSION: I’m tired of doing sissy cocksucker calls


I want a world where this is not a joke.

The dispatcher gives me his name and ID number. “You’ve never done him before. He wants a dominant girl in her 40s, and he’s a cross-dresser.” (When I say the dispatcher gives me “notes” for a new caller, this is typically how detailed the notes are, which is to say, not very.)
He’s a cocksucker, right?
“Maybe, but it doesn’t say that.”
Wanna bet?

She didn’t take the bet, but I would have won. When I finished describing myself in the usual blond Amazonian terms and then said, it doesn’t really matter what my tits or ass look like, does it? he laughed and said, “no, Mistress”. That was not a lucky guess on my part; that was a statistical certainty.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing the domme calls—I’m especially good at sliding from friendly, if assertive, to “on your knees, whore”—but I am … I dunno, a little sad about how prevalent this trope is in my work. Like, is there no way to be a cocksucker in Phone Sex Land without the frilly panties and sloppy lipstick? And conversely, is there no male who enjoys the satiny caress of snug French-cut bikini panties AND wants to get under mine?

Particularly that last question. I can count on one hand (the other is stifling a yawn) the number of callers I have who want pretty panties and are hetero-erotic in the orientation of their submission. Yes, I know I’m only seeing part of the phone-sex-using population here. Specialized services are specialized; they are targeting the fem-dom chat rooms and seriously fine-tuning their SEO strategies and putting ads out on erotica sites that I wouldn’t be able to find even in an hour on Google. The company I work for, on the other hand, advertises in pretty mainstream publications, places like Penthouse and Hustler, so in general we are going to get guys who are accessing the more “mainstream” versions of fantasies, which almost by definition are loaded with obvious hot buttons, clichéd imagery, and converging stereotypes.

That’s fine, that’s fine! Whatever floats your boat, really! I do not argue with other people’s turn-ons, but when I get these calls, I sigh inside. Nearly every caller I get who cross-dresses sucks cock; nearly every cocksucker I get goes to sissy territory almost immediately. The Venn diagram is practically a circle, a spotlight illuminating the narrow path of masculinity that men navigate in our society. Even when they step off the pavement, they still don’t have much room to move.

God, just once I would like to tell a lumberjack romance, or coax a pretty-boy cunt-licker into doing a fashion show for me before settling down between my legs. Give me something else to play with, guys! Give me hope that our imaginations have more room than that.

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