CALL OF THE DAY: “I have no limits”, or, the mating call of the armchair sub

Took a call from a new-to-me-sub last night. He’s obviously been watching a LOT of fem-dom potty porn—”I have no limits,” he said, HAHAHAHAHAH those armchair subs can be hi-LARIOUS—but after I figured out what I could get away with in terms of dismissive contempt, I had a good time.

Which doesn’t always or even usually happen, right? Not even with these sub calls. In lifestyle power exchange, what’s being exchanged is solely power, and the players have an exchange, I want to try this, let’s do that, not so much of this, hah, but maybe you need it for your own good because I am your master and you need to get used to it. Those exchanges can and do happen. The interpersonal back-and-forth of power is right there. But in paid work, the dom has much less power; I think this is at least as true in face-to-face work as it is in phone work. We have the power to take the call or client or not. Some of us can set our own hard boundaries. But really the scene is about what the client wants.

In face-to-face encounters where no money is involved, I can say “no” to greedy, entitled little bottoms who want to use me for their own satisfaction and don’t care about whether I’m getting anything out of the encounter or not. At my company, though, I don’t get to turn down calls, so I have to listen over and over to guys saying, “Anything goes” and then proceed to lay down their laundry list of narrow-focus needs. This… irritates me. Now, I understand. This is fantasy, and fantasies can be done however you want. The client is paying; it’s what he wants. Futhermore, it is not part of the deal that I get to be personally challenged and engaged for any of my calls. But hey: it’s nice to have fun when you can. When I get a new sub, I wanna see how mean I can get. Now THAT’S a challenge! Too mean and they could hang up. Not mean enough and they could hang up.

Last night I found the zone with this new sub. He gave me enough hints with his little “I have no limits” monologue that I could hit the ground running: I told him to piss in a cup before we were five minutes in—”no domme has ever made me drink piss before,” he said, his voice shivering with anticipation—and asked him if he had any toys or anything on hand.

“No, this was kind of a last-minute thought.”

I see, I said, and filed that away, not before reprimanding him about the need to affix “ma’am” to any answer he gave me. (His voice got even more shivery during that lecture.)

Eventually we got to the point where I had him get his finger wet, stick it in his own ass, and then pull it out and lick it. It was inevitable, of course; potty play + pegging + submissive + no fucking toys = stick it and lick it. I made him swish his finger around really deep and well, and I made him look at it first. Is it dirty?

“Yes, ma’am!” He was whimpering a little.

Do you normally clean your ass out before sessions with those other dommes?

“Yes, ma’am!”

But you didn’t this time, because it was a Last-Minute Thought, isn’t that right?

“Yes, ma’am!”

You need to plan better, you little pervert. If you had planned better, you would have cleaned out for me, and you would not now be getting ready to stick that nasty dirty finger in your fucking mouth, would you?

“No, ma’am!”

So it seems that either you like sticking your shit-covered finger in your mouth, in which case this is not a problem, or you will remember next time and not do a Last-Minute Call. You will get cleaned out and you will have some fucking toys on hand, because I cannot really pound your ass properly with just a finger, do you hear me?

“Yes, ma’am!”


I think I was a drill sergeant in a past life.

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