Friday f*ckbucket

Happy New Year, and welcome to a new weekly feature I’m running both here and in my facebook group: the f*ckbucket. I’m trying to re-create the tingling naughtiness of the blue bucket that circulated around the room before every session in my ninth-grad sex ed class. The teacher then drew the papers out and answered the questions as best she could. People threw in stupid questions, and spitballs, and their phone numbers, but sometimes there was a good discussion that came out of it.

Last week’s inaugural f*ckbucket: what is one thing that mystifies you about sex? Here’s a random sampling…

  • How people have so many issues speaking honestly about it!

I know, right?

  • How to have mutually satisfying sex with a girl when you yourself are also a girl

Take turns with the strap-on? And make sure to keep your nails trimmed.

  • How can something that feels so good be so bad?

I understand the individual words here, but not the question. Sex is only bad if it’s interfering with your work and your relationships. Or if you are a right-wing Christian, in which case you probably shouldn’t be in my fan group or reading my blog. Oh, right: it feels so good. Well, you work that out!

  • How do I get over my body issues long enough to enjoy myself? (i have really big boobs and some chub)

I am sorry you feel bad about your boobs and chub, baby. As a hot fattie myself, I know I’m not to everyone’s taste. But some people can’t wait to dip into that jelly, so hopefully you’re putting yourself out there in a way that encourages people to pull up to the table. I’ve found that fakin’ it until I make it works for me really well. I act like I know I’m desirable and eventually I believed it. Okay, so, that’ll get you into bed. Are you talking about little self-hate tapes playing in your head while you’re doing the business? Moan louder to drown them out.


This week’s f*ckbucket question: what sexual act or kink play have you never tried, but really want to? Why haven’t you done it yet?

To answer, just click on this link to go to the anonymous survey. A selection of responses, plus my responses will be posted every Friday, along with the next f*ckbucket.

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