the set-up

There is a certain type of caller I get—I need to come up with a good label for them—where maybe they’re calling the first time to just get a good wham-bam session in, and then I hook them with my wordsmithing.

I don’t do it on purpose, and I’m not saying that other PSOs aren’t capable of it, AND when pressed (up against a urinal, ba-dump-bump), I can and do deliver the brutal, sound-symphony-type fuck session as well as anyone. But I default to description. Lots of it. Big steaming loads of juicy, melt-in-your-mouth, caress-your-ears description. It’s my training as a writer. And in phone sex it’s a double-edged sword, which I learned very quickly to keep in its sheath.

My company mostly sells blocks of time, and I sure as shit don’t get paid for going over. In fact, I get ripped a new one for going over, so, you know, negative reinforcement and all that. Even for the rare “open” calls, where I keep the timer running and call in when I’m done—the ones like what people think when they think phone sex—most callers are bargain-minded, and they don’t have any patience if they aren’t getting directly to the point. What I feel is an important element of the scene—the furniture in the basement, the color of my panties, giving equal stage time to all 12 members of the basketball time currently raping his ass—may not be of the essence, and they’ll let me know somehow to move on.

But there are the ones who thrill to the details, who ask me to repeat a certain line. I make sure to mentally set aside that much time to get their gears grinding and set the scene. I mean, I get that it’s part of their fetish thing, getting that kind of detail, but I still love it when it meshes with my chronic motormouth and becomes this joint creative collaboration. I thrive off the caller who wants to hear me spin out the negligee he needs to put on, or describe in-depth how my sweaty ass crack smells, or explicate how his wife will feel when she falls in love with another man with a bigger cock. One of my callers said once, “listening to you is like reading a novel, it’s so rich!”

Well, and not everyone likes to read novels. Some people are more than satisfied with headlines and cereal boxes, and that’s what I’ll do. But when the phone-sex equivalent of a novel-reader comes along, I am ready.

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