CALL OF THE DAY: The return of The Tickler

A seven-minute request, I dug out the card… “tickling” was all it said. I turned it over. My god. The last time I talked to this guy was in May of 2010. MAY OF 2010. Over a year and a half previously. Did he really request me by name?! “Yeah, he totally did!” The dispatcher is kind of amazed, too. When the caller gets on the phone, I have to be less specific…

It’s been a while, huh?
“Yes, it has. I, um, I have to admit that I’ve called a few times since the last time, asking for you, but our times never matched.”
Wow…. well, I’m glad you found me!
“Me too! I remembered you very clearly. You have a wonderful laugh.”

Since then, he’s gone through a few periods with a call a week, and then months at a time with no calls at all. I dunno, these guys. I think it’s either shame or the previous month’s phone charges that makes them go cold turkey every now and then. Plus the last time I talked with The Tickler, I was recovering from a cold, which meant that I couldn’t laugh the way that he liked without launching off into a coughing fit. It wasn’t the best call, in other words, but I hope he’ll be back.

He sets up his scenarios very carefully. Usually he likes me to start in positions of authority, like a therapist or a sexologist, and I ask him serious in-depth questions about his fetish while he tickles me (mostly my feet) and makes me lose my professional demeanor. He himself is also very articulate; I think he enjoys my creative use of academic/therapy jargon.

He also likes to bring multiple female characters into the scene, to the point where I feel like I deserve a fucking Phone Sex Academy Award for most parts played on one call. One time he had me being two women tormenting two _other_ women, alternating between the tickling noises (“koochi koochi koochi”) and the full-out belly laugh that he enjoys so much. Throughout he was being very controlled and quiet-spoken as usual, but finally at the end he yelled, and I quote, “JESUS MARY MOTHER OF GOD I WANT TO BE FUCKING YOU RIGHT NOW”.

Ha ha ha. He never swears or even talks about genitalia. I made him lose it bad. Heh.


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