October 15: guest spot at Esoterotica (New Orleans)

There should be a lot more spills on this logo...

There should be a lot more spills on this logo…

I find my kindred spirits in smut and sexy writing everywhere, and am particularly fortunate in New Orleans, where there’s Esoterotica, a whole community of pervy pen-pushers who pull together an excellent twice-monthly reading/ performance series. I’ve been invited to be a featured performer on Wednesday, October 15, at the Allways Lounge on St. Claude. I think featured means I go last, but not least. I’m going to attempt to perform some Sidewalk Smut MEMORIZED—whoaaaaa—but my books will be on hand if I forget my lines. Admission is free, but the bucket will be out and you should put money in it if you can. Creating and performing smut is a pubic service. Er, public. Public service.

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