The conundrum of the “anyone could do these” regulars

I've only got 2.5 minutes, but I want to spend them with YOU.

I’ve only got 2.5 minutes, but I want to spend them with YOU.

One wants to hear about me sitting on his face, forcing him to snarf away at everything in that area: ass, pussy, as much piss as I feel like pushing out. His face gets ragged and sleazy as soon as I tell him to lie back. He makes so much noise, grunting and groaning, that we are frequently talking over each other. His seven-minute calls usually end after 2.5 minutes, when he comes and hangs up without a word.

Another one asked me how was my vacation (when I was in the UK touring, and not taking calls). More to the point, he asked if I got to see my girlfriend, the African-American one with a big ol’ booty. He likes to hear me talk about spreading her open and eating her asshole, that little pink flower in the middle of so much blackness. He makes it about three minutes, out of a seven-minute call, then comes and hangs up.

These are regular callers of a certain category: Anyone Could Do These.

Most people think regulars are the guys looking for the GFE, the relationship illusion, the intimately long calls, the “emotionally deep” connection. Or they are calling for something so freaky and specific that the first girl they try who does a decent job, they stick to her like glue because they are that nervous about having to explain it all again to a new person. That’s fine, these make sense, for a caller to get attached.

But the ACDT calls, they confuse me a little. Their call patterns don’t match what a lot of people imagine when it comes to phone-sex regulars. ACDTs buy 5- or 7-minute packages. They come pretty quickly and then hang up. They are not generally extreme fetish, requiring a great deal of delicacy or tact. They are not long calls, in which a profound connection is being forged. Hell, I’m not even sure half of them are hearing what I’m saying. And yet they call back and ask specifically for me. One of them called back, 2.5 years after the last time he called the company, and asked for me.

I honestly believe that any halfway-decent phone sex operator could do these calls.

I have a few thoughts. I mean, first of all, these calls don’t feel extreme to me because I get a lot of calls and have a sense of where people’s fantasies fall on the spectrum. But maybe to these callers, the fantasies do feel extreme and problematic, and so they are latching on for that reason, because they think they will never find some one so understanding. Or maybe they’re one of those guys who imprint strongly on whoever’s around when they come, like a little fuckling. Er, duckling.

I think it goes back to that ineffable thing, how someone’s voice can draw you in within seconds. This what I work with anytime I’m talking to a new customer: I have to make him want me and believe in me in the first 10 seconds, or he’s gone. He may finish out the call, but he’s not coming back. If I hook him though, he’ll remember my name or at least say, oh, can i talk to the last girl I did? She was really good.

My ACDT guys, they got hooked. It’s just my voice, for two minutes, talking about their thing. That’s sufficient for them. Seems a strangely tenuous thing to trigger an orgasm, but whatever works, I guess.

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