Soft launch of Wait Whose Bed Is This?

cameryn_happyJust starting the (very) soft launch of Wait Whose Bed Is This, a separate bloggy endeavour that I’m sharing with my friend and Phone Whore (the movie) director, Farzin Farzaneh. You can read one of the first posts here.

In addition to his cinematic work, Farzin is also a very talented animator and illustrator, and he was foster daddy to the Deerinator while I was away in the UK in the summer of 2014. When I came back to pick up the car, we were sitting around outside and talking about my touring experiences. He suddenly said, “What about illustrating that?” I had no idea what he was talking about at first, but after that conversation, we realized that a tour blog with illustrations was going to have to happen. And thus WWBIT was born. We’re still sorting out the production schedule, but it’s going to be cute and weird and travel-y and full of me and my enormous rack, interacting with a bunch of fun and/or weird people out on the road.

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