20 Things that Look Amazing on Me

When I read this blog post, written by a Facebook friend, I commented, “you inspire me to write my own list!” It felt true in the moment— generally I too am a fan of subverting fashion/appearance expectations—but actually writing it was a long way off. I have other shit to do.

Sometimes, though, shit just follows you. It is two days later, and I find myself urgently in need of exactly such an affirmation. This morning I went to a plus-size flea market here in Melbourne—lots of used and new clothing, all in one big room—but of course, as with all used-clothing encounters… I had a hard time. The stuff in my size was mostly muumuus or tunics; the stuff in my style stopped being available 2-3 sizes below me.

Once again I found myself angry at fashion (whose dictates mold the availability of fattie clothing, both new and used), for basically mandating what women above a certain size should be interested in wearing, what supposedly looks good on us, what “flatters” us (camouflages us or makes us look thinner), and what, by popular and loudly expressed public opinion, does not.

Like everyone else, I do what I can. I’ve got a brilliant seamstress who makes great dresses for me when she has the time. (This process will be tested now that I’m not in Montreal anymore and can’t go in for her measurements.) I go to the clothing swaps and flea markets and thrift shops when possible, and occasionally find something.

But today, it’s not enough. I really needed to find something sexy, and that wasn’t there. So to keep my spirits up, I decided to follow my friend’s lead and make my own list, of things that look amazing on me.

My tits

Baby doll dresses

This shirt

My boots

An apron


A dining-room chair

A laptop

Denim jackets

Short hair

Big cheesy grins

Cameryn Moore merchandise

A typewriter

WHY do I always look constipated while I’m typing? I need to work on that look…

Jane Austen Jackets



Red lipstick

Kitten hats

This bracelet


This is two shows, the Smut Stand, and four months of touring on there. Respect the roadie cart!

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