FUCKBUCKET FRIDAY: “Is there anything sex-related that remains a mystery to you?”

Good lord, yes. Here are but a few of the things that remain mysteries. I don’t need to “solve” them, per se; I feel fine with leaving them in the realm of “other people like them” or “not important why.” I am also fine with discussing them and trying to understand them better. But they are still very much open questions in my book:

  • Why do I like to age-play? It’s not something I always had, but once it clicked, it resonated hard.
  • What are humiliation and degradation about? Like, why do some people like receiving that?
  • Why do I currently experience no desire for anyone but my partner, when I used to just, you know, desire all over the place?
  • Why do some people not like kissing?
  • Really, though, what is squirt? (I say this as someone who first experienced squirting eight years ago, and intermittently since then, and it’s great and all, but WHAT IS IT.)
  • What is “chemistry,” from a strictly biochemical point of view? It’s some parts pheremones and brain juice and… what is this even?
  • What is the difference between stingy impact and thuddy impact, and why do I and other people who are impact-play bottoms have preferences for one or the other, or perhaps both at different times?
  • Why do so many cis-het dudes think that sending dick pics is an appropriate first move?
  • Why do so many cis-het dudes think that stroking their dicks at women in a sex club is an appropriate first move?
  • Cis-het dudes generally leading with their dicks: why?
  • Why did my “switch” seemingly flip at the age of 32 and I just stopped being interested in women sexually? I’m open to the possibility that I may swing around again, but honestly, that switch was pretty abrupt and sometimes I still look back, 15 years later, and wonder WTF.
  • How can some kinksters be utterly satisfied with a non-sexual scene involving their kink? (E.g. spankos just getting spanked, but no other touch and no orgasm involved.)


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