the Fuckbucket

Welcome to the online home of The Fuckbucket, a miraculous vessel where you can anonymously deposit your sexual confessions and questions and get a) the satisfaction of releasing your secret, and maybe b) an answer? Of sorts? Or resources? Or maybe just a brief but sympathetic reflection.

If you want to send artwork + text as a submission (a la Postsecret), you can upload a jpg file, but it must be an original creation.

1. Submissions are being read & pre-screened by me and one other person.
2. I reserve the right to publish any submissions here on the blog and in future projects (say, a Fuckbucket exhibit).
3. I do not answer all the questions I receive or work in any kind of order.
4. Please keep your text submissions to under 50 words. jpgs should be 300dpi.
5. Please change names of people in your story to protect their anonymity. I will not do that for you.
6. Confessions and questions will be screened for any areas of non-consent and general douchebaggery.



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