Friday f*ckbucket: the sexy-time stretch goal

Last week’s f*ckbucket question: what sexual act or kink play have you never tried, but really want to? Why haven’t you done it yet?

I love the answers that came out of the bucket! These are fantastic things to aim for…

  • Being gagged with a ball gag. Sex toys are expensive! Le sigh.

I think you mean quality sex toys are expensive, and yes, that’s very true. Especially anything you strap around your body, you want it to be comfortable, right? Good-quality ball gags are worth saving up for. I already have a wonderful one, and now I’m saving up for the kind with interchangeable pieces for the mouth, so I can switch out between balls of different sizes (yes, motherfucker, that’s what she said) and mouth plugs or small dildos, and also those mad-dentist-looking mouth gags. Because a girl should have options!

  • fisting – haven’t tried because a comfortable atmosphere for it hasn’t been created, but ooooh it definitely will in the future!

Lessee… comfortable atmosphere for fisting…. Drop cloth, check. Six-pack of Bounty two-ply towels, check. Ten-gallon bucket o’ lube, check. Well-trimmed fingernails and/or gloves, check. Easily adjusted central heating, check. A thorough enema, if you’re going for anal, check. AAANNNDDD, a fister you can count on to listen to you… that is harder to find. Good luck, set your safewords, and go for it!

  • Have a three way with two men ( I am f) I havent found the ppl I can trust and feel comfortable with?

Hmmmyup. Three-ways always need that comfort level, and then you’ve gotta trust them not to blather it all over the world that you’re a cock-hungry nympho, or something like that (my junior year in college was… awkward, for exactly this reason). It also strikes me that for a M-F-M threeway, you’re gonna want guys who are hot for your bod, and at the same time who feel comfortable being that close to another man’s dick. Bi, in other words, or else very, very comfortable in their own sense of masculinity.

  • tribadism

Definitely worth a try, but they didn’t leave a reason why they haven’t done it yet, so I can’t help any further.

  • pegging

Here’s where all the issues converge: the trust and the expensive equipment and the confidentiality and patience and issues of masculinity, all bundled up in one delicious act. (For those who don’t know, pegging is when a woman penetrates a man with a strap-on?) My advice here? Women, be patient. Men, restrain your ambition.


This week, rather than you answering a question of mine, I want to return to the origins of f*ckbucketry and have you pose questions to me. Any question about sex, phone sex, fantasies, kink, etc… If I don’t know the answer or at least have an opinion–not likely to happen, but it could!–I will at least talk to an expert in that particular field, or put in some useful URLs for you to get into trouble about at work. To submit your question, just click on this link to go to the anonymous survey. A selection of questions, plus my responses, will be posted next Friday, along with the next f*ckbucket.

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