CALL OF THE DAY: flattery will get you everywhere

I hate it when I get a new guy for only 7 minutes. That’s not a lot of time to build rapport—10 minutes is ideal—and it’s a tight time window in which to “get ‘er done”. I certainly don’t expect a lot of chit-chat. But this guy, good lord! First of all, I’m a sucker for Southern accents. Can’t help it. They didn’t have accents where I grew up. And he can’t seem to get over my voice.

“Are you putting that voice on for me, or do you do that for all the guys?”
– I’m not putting it on at all. I mean, I’m talking a little more quietly because it’s the phone, but this is what it is. (Really it is!)
“Well, I already know I’m going to have to call back for a half hour, because you’re GORGEOUS.”

And then I ask how he was doing, and he says, “well, I’m as horny as a two-dicked billy goat.” When I laugh, he says, “Oh my god, and a laugh like that, too? You are going to make me melt.” That, dear sir, is the point. He ends up calling me back three more times—another 7 and two 10s. Yay, money! And yay for flirting and flattery, even when it’s not needed! I can’t count on ever hearing from him again, but dang if it isn’t nice to feel appreciated.

Seriously, if you use phone-sex services, I don’t care how good your operator already is, if you pull out a couple of sincere-sounding compliments, your service will be even better. We are not immune to human emotions.

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