CALL OF THE DAY: double blasphemy points

I’m the sexy stepmother and he’s 14. He’s got a remarkably well-thought-out vignette planned for us, the standard I’m-too-shy-around-girls-can-you-give-me-advice prologue but he really wants to keep the ramp-up going. I mean, we seriously get into sex-ed, after-school-special territory (“I know, honey, sometime you just get that tingly feeling down there, don’t you? That can be really embarrassing. But you know all the other boys are having the same problem.”) I enjoy calls like this for the space to be creative and really get into my character.

Anyway, after I blow him and he explodes all over my huge tits, the caller gets ashamed.

“Oh, god, you’re such a bad girl!” <nervous chuckle>

– You’re the one who came up with it, I just enacted it.

“You’re right.” <nervous chuckle> “Oh, god, I’m going straight to hell for this!” <more nervous laughter>

– On a Sunday, too. That’s like double blasphemy points.

I was kidding, but he wasn’t. “Oh, god, I’ll be dropping straight through to the bottom floor!” He keeps laughing.

– Look at it this way, honey, you’re just starting your week off right.

I don’t know if he’s actually listening to my words, or if he’s too far gone into his shame spiral, but I hope the tone of my voice gets through. It’s okay, honey, I want to say, if I had a stepmother with tits that big, I’d be staring too.

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