CALL OF THE DAY: the articulate sissy

The dispatcher gives me his name and customer number, seven minutes, and for once I find the card quickly. “I think he likes ass play,” she says. My notes read “PEGGING, DOUBLESTUFF, BBC.” Yes, I would say he likes ass play. But he’s not a regular and I haven’t talked to him recently enough to remember straight off the top how he likes his ass play.

There are many ways to get your butt filled, many tones that a domme could adopt, and you don’t want to fuck that up, no. There is a big difference between loving Mommy with a non-threatening, totally loving strap-on and angry Madame with 50 well-hung bikers pounding down the door. So I had to do a little exploring, without letting him know that I was exploring.. Some of you have asked how I figure out what callers want, especially in a shorter call? What follows is one approach…

So what are you doing on this fine evening, Joe?

“Lying on my bed talking to my mistress.” (Ah-hah. I can take a slightly sterner tack…)

And what are you doing with your hands?

“Playing with my man-clit.” (Going across the gender lines; someone is going to be my little slut.)

I see. And do you have anything there with you that I should know about?

“Well, I have two 8-inch dildos attached to a floor stand, one at pussy height and one at mouth height. I’ve got on a shoulder-length red wig, and I’m wearing a yellow bra with D-cup tits in it and matching yellow panties.”

And there you have it: 20 seconds of conversation, yielding up material for hours. I jot a few more notes on the card, to save myself the stress next time. It helps when they’re sissy-boys. They always want to show off.


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