CALL OF THE DAY: extreme subs and silliness

He is one of my extreme bottoms. I don’t get many of those in real life, but I probably could if I wanted to, and I think it would surprise absolutely no one to know to know that I do a pretty decent domme impression when necessary. People I meet in person frequently assume that I am totally a top, based on my physicality (big, tall, butchy), but even over the phone, I have a few qualities that help: Impressive voice. Big vocabulary. Emotive skill. Ease in making shit up.

So. My basic vocal skills ensure that the dispatchers channel a fair volume of callers who are looking for really abusive domming, like, really mean, degrading stuff—like what my awful Extreme Top does, but from a woman! Ooooh, subversive! I personally am not into humiliation or degradation, in either direction, but the effect on people who ARE into it is fascinating. And doing it is interesting, actually, from an improv point of view, to see just how long I can spew before I need to actually breathe. That’s my approach to extreme domming over the phone: flood them with bile and bitchery, overwhelm them with it, Shock and Awe, baby! It’s stream of consciousness with all the parental filters off and the obscenity load ON.

The only problem with that approach is that it is stream of consciousness and you can’t really control what’s in that stream, even when he’s a regular like this guy, even when I know exactly what he wants. I told him to stick two fingers in his ass and lick them clean. And I, a product of my culture, what did I hear myself say at one point?

“I don’t care if you can taste your own shit, that’s the fucking point, mmm, lick it up, bitch, NOM NOM NOM.”


I did not just use Internet-speak at one of my subs.



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