CALL OF THE DAY: “fully functional”

He’s not a regular, in that he never requests me. I don’t recognize his name, either. But when the dispatcher gives me his number, I remember exactly what he wants: eight inches of fully functioning “she-male” cock.

The fade is a little wider on the right side. You would understand why if you just put your face right... THERE.

The fade is a little wider on the right side. You would understand why if you just put your face right… THERE.

I put that term in quotes when I’m not using it during a phone call; “she-male” is a dehumanizing, exoticizing porno term that has infiltrated straight male vocabulary, and it drives me completely ape-shit. But that’s the term my wankers use, and I don’t get to educate them. I get to ejaculate on them.

I do a lot of the “she-male” calls, owing to my voice; it exists right on that intersection of “low-pitched enough to maybe be convincing to someone who doesn’t know better” and “dominant enough to really be convincing about shoving my dick in his pie-hole”. I mean, I get it. It’s the same thing that works for me with the pegging calls. But these guys want real, throbbing dick attached to a beautiful, “passable” woman.

Guh. Again, the quotes are required.

Because these callers of mine almost certainly don’t have a very nuanced understanding of gender out in the face-to-face world. Even if this guy knows that transwomen actually do exist outside of porn, I have a lingering sense of unease about what he does out there, or would do out there, with/to actual transwomen. I am willing to bet a lot of money—well, at least the $4 that I earn from seven minutes of virtually face-banging this guy—that he would bolt in the opposite direction if anyone else even suspected that the woman on his arm was trans.

Maybe worse than just bolt. The way he likes me to lay the groundwork for his story—I’m a beautiful woman approaching him in a bar, and he can feel my hard-on when I press up against him—FREAKS ME OUT A LITTLE, every time I tell it. And I tell it to a lot of callers. That set-up may be the perfect beginning of their sexual fantasy, but it is also the beginning of every other news report of “homosexual panic” culminating in violence against trans-women.

Jeezus, there are so many quote marks in this post.

So, yeah. I dunno. Maybe I’m underestimating this caller, because I do know cis-gendered guys who are attracted to actual transwomen, and maybe this guy is one of them and he’s just calling because his wife, who happens to have a dick, is out of town for a couple of weeks, and he’s lonely. I’m definitely over-analyzing it. But when my caller gets worked up about my 38C tits and beautiful curves, and the fact you can’t see my bulge underneath my denim skirt—he can only feel it when he’s on his knees and and I’m grinding his face against my crotch… Well, he obviously wants the “passable” woman with the perfect cock.

And I can’t help wondering how he would treat any other kind of woman with any other kind of cock.

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