CALL OF THE DAY: a small pity party for Mr. Chubby Chaser

She keeps me warm at night, among other things...

She keeps me warm at night, among other things…

Yesterday this caller told me that, a lot of times, he would rather spend time with me doing his fantasy than with his girlfriend. Oh, I said. Where is she now? “She’s sleeping in the next room.” I act flattered, but really I’m just sad.

It’s the nature of his fantasy that makes me sad and a little… I don’t know, pissed off? that he’s keeping it secret from his girlfriend. He is one of my very few fat fetishists.

Now, I’ve had callers say they like girls who are “sturdy”, with “a little meat on their bones”. Or they say they want a big girl, and when I venture a very cautious guess at what is going to turn their crank—because I don’t want to go TOO high—and tell them I’m 190 pounds, they go, “AWWW YEAHHH NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT.” They are talking about “big” in the media view of “big”.

When Mr. Chubby Chaser said that he wanted a “big girl”, he was not trying to be cute; nor does he have a warped view about what “big girl” might mean, in the All-About-That-Bass, I’m-No-Size-Two way. Back when we first talked, he asked the dispatcher for someone over 300 pounds. I gave him 390 as the number, and he was over the MOON.

Generally, when someone specifically wants me to be a big girl or they just want me to have a big ass, they want someone who will sit on their face. This is true for Mr. Chubby Chaser, too. He is all about eating me out, ass and pussy, as long as he can’t get away—up against the wall is good, too—and one of my fat girlfriends is behind him, with either a strap-on or a real dick, and doing his ass. So, it’s maybe not the standard BBW-lover scene, but it’s definitely in the genre. Nothing to see here, move along, move along… The fact that he would rather spend time in this fantasy world than with his actual girlfriend, it kinda fits in with my general experience of guys who like fatties. That’s what’s making me sad.

Maybe he really, actually, truly likes fat girls! Right? Maybe that’s just his preferred body type, just like some guys like the really sporty flat-chested types, and others like strong hourglasses. That’s a thing, that is absolutely a thing! Or maybe it’s more of a fetish, a specific thing, where he’s less about a relationship and just wants the fat. Which is also a thing. I don’t like it as much, but it’s a thing. Either way, society doesn’t allow fat women to be sexual; if we are, it’s a comedy. Anyone who desires us is set up as an object of mockery, so the pressure is on to deny one’s attraction to fatties, in public, at least, but the desire is still there. A friend of mine who used to do escort work said she got a lot of dates from guys with fat-chick fantasies, but they couldn’t bring themselves to date or marry a fat chick. “I had a hard time feeling all that sorry for them because I’m a casualty of this mentality,” says my friend, “but it was sad.”

Normally, you know, I wouldn’t spend that much time wondering about this stuff, but a) it’s personal, I am a fattie (275 pounds), and like my friend, I too get a lot of flack under the current system; and b) he told me that he sometimes ignored his girlfriend to spend time on the phone with his dream girl. I’d be willing to bet that his girlfriend isn’t fat. I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that this caller eyeballs fat chicks out on the street. I’m sure she has pulled out the “I feel so fat” complaint at least once, and he knows to say, “oh, no honey, you’re not!” reassuringly, even while in his own head he is thinking, “god, I wish you actually were.”

Normally, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time second-guessing a client’s back story, but this guy handed me his on a platter.

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