Catching up with Cameryn (good luck!)

Sorry for the light posting this last week or two. I was prepping for my Whore-a-thon fundraiser last Wednesday–we raised over $400, thanks to some dedicated listeners and my pledgemaster’s commitment to the cause, as witnessed by his promise to remove items of clothing for pledges received. Now that’s what I call incentivizing! We have pulled in $1760 in grants, donations, sponsorships, and pledges, which is more than a third of the way there to our $5000 goal by October 15. The campaign continues, so please make your donation today!

I spent the rest of the week calling around various sex and fetish-related internet stores to see about business sponsorships for the 2010 Phone Whore Tour. And let me tell you, that’s a lot of calling! I knew the internet was for porn, but holy spank store, Batman, my spreadsheet is filling up fast. (Hey, my fellow PSOs! I have a special sponsorship deal for you, if you want to get in on some Phone Whore action. Drop me a line and let’s talk.)

OH! In addition to being a cheap fundraiser option, the Whore-a-thon was meant to launch my eponymous radio show in prime fashion, and it did. I’ll be starting up the regular run of Cameryn Moore Phone Whore this coming Wednesday, September 16, with the live show at 4:30 pm EST and a repeat of the show running at 11:30 pm EST. My special guest from the Whore-a-thon, Scarlet, will be co-hosting the first regular show with me this week, and we’re excitedly planning a future in guest appearances and audio collaborations. Call-in is available for the live show only, but you’ll be able to chat with me, Scarlet, and other friends during both runs. Get details at my BlogTalkRadio page!

Do not worry, friends and fans. I will be back in blog-tastic order this coming week, when I stumble around for meaning at the intersection of race, desire, and fear… in short (or long, ba-dump-bump), the issue of the Big Black Cock.

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