Beat this! (poetry slam on a theme)

During the last half of my radio show, I usually challenge guests and/or callers to some kind of improv game. For example, a few weeks ago I had my colleagues Scarlet and Lovelylaura spin out a joint sex scenario using three random words. I can’t remember all three words, but one was “Crisco”. You can imagine where that went.

This week Scarlet was back on and she wrested control of that segment out of my hands, by giving me the assignment: slam poetry about phone sex. I’ve only ever heard poetry slam stuff, never done it, but I took a breath and launched in. Today I went back and listened, and whoa. I don’t know where that came from, but here it is, a literary launch to your weekend.

if you were to walk in right now
if you were to hear me say the words
cock cunt fuck me oh yes
you’d see my eyes closed and you’d think
yeah she’s into it, she’s got it going on
she’s feeling it hard, she’s feeling it deep
my eyes closed
she’s got it going on
fuck yeah fuck me oh daddy
what you don’t see
what you don’t know
behind my closed eyes and the fluttering eyelids
and the light that flashes through
I’m seeing a video of what’s going on
I see a video of what’s going down
I see a video of me going down on him
I see a video of everything I say
goes straight to my mouth to my brain
and right out my eyes
shooting out on the screen that’s happening behind my eyelids
behind my brain
it’s all happening in my head
there’s room for fifty people up there
there’s room for a cast of thousands in my head
and it’s all being projected on that screen
behind my eyelids in my head
you don’t see that do you
you walk in you’re going to hear it you’re going to hear it
oh yeah fuck me suck me eat me
I’ve got my eyes closed and you think I’m leaning into it
you think I’m enjoying this stuff
you think I’m rocking on my chair because yes I love it so
no no no
that makes the video projector work better
it makes it work faster
gives it real time feel time
right there on the back of my eyelids
I got my eyes closed so I can see what I’m doing
I got my eyes closed so I can see exactly what needs to be done.

(I’m testing my audio editing skills to see if I can pull the excerpt of the show with this bit in it. Let’s see, shall we?)(UPDATE: done and done! Click the link below and snap along for that real beat experience…)

Cam does some slam

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