CALL OF THE DAY: He’s a back-door man

He’s one of my nicer doms, and one of my favorite callers, period. His preferred scenarios are the doctor’s office (chronic orgasmic malfunction, you know, it takes a lot of treatment) or the supervisor’s office in a Eastern European factory; our accents are SO BAD that if there’s time at the end we usually end up busting up laughing at each other.

He really is a lot of fun to work with, but that’s not the only reason why I like playing with him. It’s the little glimpses of his real sexual life and thought processes that he occasionally lets slip. Once, during a particularly hard period for him, he told me that he was lonely, his voice so earnest and trembling that I nearly cried. He has sometimes expressed feelings of guilt about wanting to dominate women; I’ve told him that yes, there are women out there who want that, and as long as you’re checking in with them, you’re good.

Today we were back at the factory with our cheesy Slavic accents, but then he did something unprecedented: he asked me to stick a finger in his ass. Okay! Phwooop! And he came like a motherfucker (I don’t think he had his finger in his own ass, it was just the thought).

Afterward he told me that he had never thought about that as something he could or should have done to him, as a dominant man, but last weekend he was with a girl and she was giving him a handjob and started playing around back there.

“OH MY GOD,” was how he put it. “Forty-one years old and I just learned something spectacular.”

YAY! I thought (I have always been an eloquent advocate for ass play, in all directions.) Have you ever had a girl lick your asshole?


Okay, since you’re exploring ass play, wash your ass well, find that girl, and tell her to rim you out. You can thank me later.


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