CALL OF THE DAY: the man with attainable goals

He was as close to average in my line of work as I can think: middle-aged, middle American accent, not incredibly articulate, but not silent, either. It was a 10-minute call, which is probably the average length of call for me. And his fantasy—watching two girls getting it on together and then sticking his dick in at the right moment—well, frankly, that’s not just average, but pretty much clichéd, in the arena of fantasy sex sports.

What made him incredibly rare was what he said, not during the call, not as part of the fantasy, but at the end, after he had come down, gotten his breath back, and we were just chatting. “Have you really had a threesome?” Yes. “Oh! Well, I haven’t yet, but I will. I’m gonna do that some day.”

He wasn’t wistful about it, and he wasn’t even sleazy about it. This was him, setting goals.

People ask me a lot if I think that what I’m doing is therapy. I know they are thinking about the callers who want incest fantasies, or massive homoerotic gang-bangs, and by “therapy”, they mean do I think that I am helping those callers heal or find closure or find acceptance within themselves for their desires. And I say, occasionally, maybe, but usually not. That’s not what they’re calling for, and no WAY would I ever even lean that way in guiding the call. I’m NOT a therapist, and I’d be hella nervous about inadvertently fucking someone up!

let's figure out what sort of advanced training you might need for that...

let’s figure out what sort of advanced training you might need for that…

But now, goal-oriented plans aimed at getting a new and attainable sexual experience… that’s a different sort of therapy. I could get behind doing that kind of therapy, because when I’m doing calls that are, in fact, within the realm of ethical, legal, and physical possibility—especially if these are activities that I personally have enjoyed and would wholeheartedly recommend to others—there’s definitely a part of me that would love nothing better than to send them appropriate reading material with the pages marked and a list of fetish resources in their area.

So, yeah, I gave my caller liberal encouragement  when he said he wanted a threesome in real life, told him that it was totally attainable. I don’t know about his persuasive abilities or negotiation skills, so practically speaking, I don’t know how achievable it is for him. But he sounded very determined, and as I hung up I thought, you know, he might actually pull that one off.


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