CALL OF THE DAY: suddenly… a wild rim job appears

He’s a real regular, with three or four cards paper-clipped together, the columns of recorded calls thick with

7 min (7) req.
     7 min (7) req.
     7 min (7.5) req.
     7 min (7) req.

His scenario, up until about three weeks ago, has always been the same: I’m an older woman—like, silvery-gray-hair-old—we meet, he eats my pussy until I come really loudly, and then missionary-style fucking until he comes really loudly. How we meet, and where, what I’m wearing… the set and costumes change, but the underlying plot stays the same. He only ever buys the 7-minute package, so that’s about all we have time for anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the repetition! I like knowing what a caller wants; it may be boring, but it’s also way less stressful than having to feel my way blindfolded around a psycho-sexual interior landscape of a new caller. Even if I were bored with this caller, I mean, I do get bored with other callers, but my boredom or excitement doesn’t matter in these interactions, so it’s not like I’m ever gonna say, “Sweetie, do you mind if we tried something different today?” It’s just not that kind of relationship.

So we’ve been going along for over three and a half years, and I’ve been occupying myself with new ways to get him to brush my hair away from my neck and start kissing down my throat and along my collarbone—he’s particularly fond of that approach—and suddenly, a few weeks ago, he says, “Hey, I wanted to try something different.” And it’s not like the other times where he says that, and then goes on to say, “Today will you start out wearing a swimsuit?” No.

This time he says, “I was wondering what it would be like to have you be more… dominant.”


We never had done that, he and I. In the scenarios I lay out, we have always been … I don’t know, just, power dynamics have never been a part of it. I mean, yes, in a meta-sense I have always been in charge, but in the fantasies, that’s not been a hot option. It’s never even come up!

Are you sure? Because it's a little dirty...

Are you sure? Because it’s a little dirty…

So I don’t know why he suddenly decided to change. And I don’t care that he is switching me over to the dominant mode that I use a lot on the phone lines. It’s interesting because it’s coming from him. Everything I thought I knew about the way he wanted phone sex is shaken up a little. I can test out new things, like… well, for example, this last time I asked him, very tentatively, how he felt about rimming, and he said, “I love it.” THESE ARE THINGS I DID NOT KNOW, until that moment!

He came hard and well, and afterward, during the cool-down moment, I joked about it: good to know that there are still lots of things for us to explore. He laughed and laughed, and said, “I’m glad you asked about the rimming!”

Me, too.


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