CALL OF THE DAY: my bilingual papi

He’s an ass man, a bit of a chubby chaser, dominant but gentle, mmm… yeah, I’ll admit it: he’s one of the few callers I think wistfully about from time to time. He’s fun, too, in unusual ways. For example, he likes to celebrate holidays. Around the winter holidays, he talked about taking me outside and rubbing snow on my nipples. On his birthday last year, he tricked me out in a bra and garter belt set two sizes too small and asked me to do my best impersonation of Marilyn Monroe singing ‘Happy Birthday’ while he pounded my ass.

This is my bilingual papi. I call him that because he likes me to call him papi—at high pitch and volume—and he is most definitely bilingual. He is fluently, almost lyrically horny in both English and Spanish. The first time I did him, I remember he asked if I spoke Spanish, and I said no, but I learn quickly. He said, “We’ll see about that.”

"Say it in Spanish, dammit!" Mmf-mmm-mm-HMMFF!

“Say it in Spanish, dammit!” Mmf-mmm-mm-HMMFF!

I don’t think he’s been disappointed. The front of his stack in my card box doesn’t have the usual measurements or genre abbreviations on it, no: it’s mostly just a cheat sheet of Spanish-to-English gutter talk. The phrases that I have written down are a good indication of what is important in this phone relationship we have…

muñeca (doll)
esclava (slave)
maltrata me/viola me (sp? meanings should be obvious, if you know your Latin roots…)
but then
yo soy tuyo para siempre (I am yours forever)

Yes. He gets romantic. He likes to hear me whimper “te amo” in between rounds of ass fucking, and has talked about putting a ring on my finger and kissing me deeply while fucking my ass. (Oh, yes, “chinga me culo” was one of the first phrases I tried on him, and he ate it up.)

I think he enjoys teaching me this stuff. I remember one day, in my mind it will be forever known as “the pop quiz call”.

“Tell me you love me, your king.”

Papi, I forgot how to say it!

“Then you get a spanking. Today you get everything in Spanish, and if you forget, you get spanked. Now say it!”

Papi, I don’t know!

“LET ME HEAR YOU BEAT THAT ASS. [he pauses for my spanking] Te amo, mi rey.”

Te amo, mi rey. [pause to catch breath] Papi, my ass hurts.

“I’ll kiss it for you. Tell me to kiss it.”

Papi, please kiss…


Papi, you never taught me that one!

“I don’t care, spank your ass anyway!”

Rough usage, yes. But today he used a new word, hermosa, as in mi muñeca hermosa. I looked it up.

My beautiful doll.


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