CALL OF THE DAY: you try singing “Feliz Navidad” around someone’s dick


I can’t find the bustier he was talking about, but this is pretty cute…

Bilingual Papi knows he can get away with it, going over the time limit. He knows I won’t stop him. I shouldn’t let him, I should get hardcore on his ass, but the truth is I really do enjoy his calls and I let them go.

He has so much fun, especially during any kind of holidays. He’s just that guy. I bet when he gets older he will put cheesy seasonal flags up outside of his house. I bet he grumbles about the Christmas lights, but really enjoys looking at them when he steps off the ladder for the last time and looks. And in phone sex, he makes holidays really… special.

This Christmas call, he started off by saying he saw something at Frederick’s of Hollywood that he thought would look amazing on me, “if you really look like you say you do.” Tell me about the outfit, I said. “Oh, god, there was this deep-red velvet bustier”—of course there was—”and a garter belt to match, that would look so good all digging into your ass. God, I LOVE your ass!” He has never seen my ass, but he loves it, and he is REALLY REALLY EXCITED about it dolled up in tacky winter-themed lingerie. Fishnets, he says, and 6-inch-high shiny black shoes, and a little red velvet g-string with a jingle bell on the back. Ooh, and pasties with jingle bells to match! And a Santa’s little helper hat, too! Yeah! He said all that!

(Yeah, I’m not giving you a link to Frederick’s of Hollywood. You can google that megamillion-dollar crap-lingerie outlet your own damn self.)

Oh, and he wanted me to call him Papi Claus.

So, I did. And I begged him for some serious ass-pounding, because I’ve been a VERY good girl this year, Papi, you know I have.

“Papi Claus, say it, sweetheart.”

Papi Claus, please please please kiss my little asshole and get me ready for it. I need you, Papi, I need to feel you that deep inside me.

Oh, and he roared into it. “God, you are so beautiful. I love the way you talk to me!” And then he put a 1-carat diamond wedding ring on my finger and kissed me so hard—”I want to get balls deep in your ass and just make out forever”—and dressed me up in a bridal dress, except a little bit see-through so he could see the red lingerie underneath, and then after he lifted back the veil he wanted me to suck his dick while singing “Feliz Navidad.”

That’s when he came.

And that is why I let him go 2.5 minutes over today. Next time I’ll tell him that he needs to start buying the 12- or 15-minute packages if he likes hanging out with me that much. But today I got to suck Papi Claus’ dick while singing “Feliz Navidad.”

Happy holidays, my fellow pervs.

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