CALL OF THE DAY: that fantasy third leg

Face to face with his ideal, George thought maybe he would be better off starting with that skinny little strap-on from Good Vibes.

Face to face with his ideal, George thought maybe he would be better off starting with that skinny little strap-on from Good Vibes.

I have a statistic that I sometimes use in my stand-up routines, that 30 to 40 percent of my calls are looking for dick. What I don’t go into—who has time for subtlety in a seven-minute set?—is that there are many ways that guys can get discussion of dick into a call. Subcategories of Cock, if you will. There is the ever-popular BBC, the “fully functional she-male”, cuckolding, forced bisexuality, horse cocks, dog cocks. (Pegging I do not count automatically, but I am never surprised when, after a few calls using my strap-on, the caller manages to shift attention to my boyfriend waiting nearby.)

These cocks are all big. My rule of thumb is, DEFINITELY BIGGER THAN A THUMB. Nine inches or larger, unless they specify otherwise. But this is my size queen; his dicks aren’t just big, they are GARGANTUAN. He wants to be ravished by 24-inch dicks, doesn’t matter what color they are or what they’re attached to, man or beast or bouncy co-ed.

I have had to learn about various ways of working giant fucking cock into the scene; it is thanks to him that I have even the beginning of an understanding about non-real fantasy sex. This caller was the one who told me about the horse cock dildos being marketed out there, and pointed me to videos featuring the former body builder-turned-porn actress Yvette Bova, who caught this caller’s attention with a strap-on that hung past her knees.

When we first started, we were playing with the BBC trope, and I was worried for a few calls that he thought that black men were supernaturally hung, like, he believed the marketing. His fantasies would have be on the extreme, in terms of measurements, but he would not be the first to fall for it, and not really have access to a data pool to prove otherwise.

But no, he gets it.  He understands that his giant cock doesn’t exist. Okay, yes, the horse’s dick, but he understands that he would never want to get fucked by that. And the bouncy co-ed “she-male”, taking a shower with her equally well-endowed friends? Yeah, she’s not real. And even if she were, the kind of dick I’m talking about would kill him before it made him come.

I didn’t have to tell him, he just mentioned one day before we went into a scene. “I know in real life I wouldn’t be able to take that much,” he said, and he has also mentioned that the improbable length he seeks in human cock isn’t available outside of sex toys. That’s okay, though. The fantasy works. He just likes to play with the idea of being filled up, by something that he couldn’t encircle even with two hands. He likes being a greedy slut, one who will constantly beg for more (he’s a bit of an overachiever that way, actually). And whatever extreme measurements or comparisons I can use with him, he’s counting on me to get him to that head space, to get him imagining being stuffed that full, being helpless before the onslaught. It’s not that unusual of a fantasy, at its core:

Fill me up. Use me hard.


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