CALL OF THE DAY: the case of the cuckold and the dry cunt

He’s a cuckold, with the very common side order of forced bi action. Not a requesting-me regular, he and I have talked often enough that just his first name and last initial are enough of a trigger. That’s enough to remember not only the story he likes, with his wife greedily servicing a bunch of men, but also to remember his wife’s name: Courtney.

Her name is on his card, because he talks about her constantly, both during the scene and in the post-coital wind-down. In the scene, obviously, she can’t get enough, going after all the cock she can stuff in her face. I’ve set up the cock buffet and she is going back for fourths and fifths. Out of the scene, in the real world, my caller tells me that she is actually very conservative, sexually. She has sex with him, but she’s just not very “adventurous”.

Let me hasten to point out that I don’t think having simple tastes in bed is a bad thing. But I could understand including her in these particular fantasies if that is something he wishes would change a little. I was always sympathetic.

Until this most recent call. Or after this most recent call, rather. The call itself was standard issue: I was the boss lady and Courtney was my employee, and in order to save her job she had to suck off the entire board of directors at the company. He comes to pick her up, I lead him back to the board room, he acts shocked and horrified, blah blah blah.

After he came, my guy got into it again, how Courtney would really never do anything like that. She does have sex with him, he says, as often as he wants it, but “she’s not that into it. Sometimes she’s just dry. Do you know what to do about that?” And right there, my heart sinks a little. He’s a younger man, she’s a younger woman. Maybe she has problems with her pussy juice. Or maybe he’s just forcing it on her when she’s not ready. Ugh.

Well, I say, you definitely want to help her “get ready”. I say this slowly and carefully; I don’t want him to feel like I’m blaming him in any way. Like, her just being there and doing it only because you want to, that can’t be very hot, for either one of you. Try more foreplay, you know, things that she likes.

“She doesn’t really like anything.”

Maybe you could try going a little deeper in that conversation.

“Maybe.” He sounds skeptical.

And with that, I have lost all sympathy for this caller and his travails of being trapped in a marriage without adventure. If I were Courtney and he were sticking it in me dry, I’d probably be keeping the drawbridge up as much as possible myself.

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